School of Medicine Career Center

The School of Medicine Career Center provides critical support for the exploration of career options, development of professional skill sets, and connections to opportunities. We house career and professional development resources via in-house and online libraries. As career counselors, we provide one-on-one insight into the career-development and job-search process.

We partner with alumni, faculty, and experts in myriad fields around discussion groups and curricular efforts. Through all of these services, we empower our trainees in both defining their individual passions and short and long term goals as well as those impacting other organizations, cultures, and communities regardless of external expectations of career choice.

School of Medicine Career Center website:

  • Stephanie K. Eberle Stephanie K. Eberle
    Director of Programs and Diversity
    (650) 721-1924
    Hobbies: scuba diving, painting, cooking/baking plus wine pairing, and percussionist in the band Pi
  • Carla Vaccarezza Carla Vaccarezza
    Assistant Director of Career Advising and Program Development
    (650) 725-7687
    Hobbies: running, baking, going to concerts, and helping students discover their passions

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