Faculty Database

First Last Research (Micro Description)
Arash Alizadeh Systems immunology & Oncogenomics of B-cell lymphomas
Russ Altman Informatics to understand drug/gene interactions
Manuel Amieva Interactions between bacterial pathogens and the host epithelium
Katrin Andreasson Mechanisms of neurodegeneration
Steven Artandi Telomerase in cancer, aging and human stem cell diseases
Ann Arvin Molecular mechanisms of Varicella-zoster virus pathogenesis
Euan Ashley Network biology, genomic medicine 
Laura Attardi p53 pathways in development, cancer, and disease
Jeffrey Axelrod Molecular and cell biological mechanisms of planar cell polarity signaling
Stephen Baccus Neural circuits and neural coding; retinal visual processing
Steven Bagley Computational methods in pharmacology and neuropsychiatry
Julie Baker Regulation of stem cells and placentation
Robert Baldwin The energetics of protein folding, especially the hydrophobic factor
Maria Barna Regulation of Development by RNA, Ribosomes, & Landscapes of Cell Interactions
Ben Barres Neuron-glial interactions in the developing and regenerating CNS
Annelise Barron Biophysical mechanisms of human host defense peptides
Kathryn Barton Genetic and environmental control of leaf and meristem development
Michael Bassik Developing novel genetic screening tools to explore stress and pathogen biology
Serafim Batzoglou Computational Genomics
Mohsen Bayati Large-scale data analysis and data-driven healthcare
Philip Beachy Biology and mechanism of Hedgehog signaling; tissue regeneration and neoplasia
Gill Bejerano Human through vertebrate genotype-phenotype mapping + vertebrate gene regulation
Sean Bendall
Paul Berg Development and application of recombinant DNA technology
Dominique Bergmann Cell fate, stem-cell behaviors, and cell polarity in plant epidermal lineages
Ami Bhatt How do microbes impact human health? We use genomics to unpack this mystery...
Nidhi Bhutani DNA demethylation, Mechanisms of reprogramming, Musculoskeletal regeneration
Terrence Blaschke Drug access and adherence in the developing world. Drug development. PK/PD model
Helen Blau Regenerative medicine & stem cells, nuclear reprogramming, cell fate plasticity
Catherine Blish NK cells, HIV, influenza, EBV, CMV, immune regulation during pregnancy
Barbara Block Thermal physiology, open ocean predators, ecological physiology and tuna biology
Steven Block Single molecule biophysics using optical trapping and fluorescence
Kwabena Boahen Large-scale models of sensory, perceptual and motor systems
Carol Boggs Life history, population dynamics & native/non-native species' interaction
Matthew Bogyo Small molecules to study proteases in cancer, inflammation and parasitology
Paul Bollyky Immune regulation in injured and infected tissues
John Boothroyd Cell and molecular analysis of Toxoplasma's interaction with the host
Linda Boxer Mechanisms of activation of oncogenes in B cell malignancies
Steven Boxer Biophysical studies of protein structure and function
Scott Boyd High-throughput characterization of B cells and T cells in human immunity
Onn Brandman How cells control protein quality and how they signal stress.
Katharine Brown Assessing the role of Wnt ligands in stem cell biology
Martin Brown Mechanisms of how angiogenesis and vasculogenesis affect tumor therapy response
Anne Brunet Genetic and epigenetic regulation of aging
Axel Brunger Molecular mechanisms of neurotransmitter release
Douglas Brutlag Bioinformatic study of the flow of genetic information from genome to phenotype
Zev Bryant Molecular motors: analysis and design of structure and function
Paul Buckmaster Hippocampal circuitry, mechanisms of temporal lobe epilepsy
Marion Buckwalter Neuroinflammation, stroke, functional recovery
Carlos Bustamante Population, medical, agricultural, and computational genomics. ancient DNA
Eugene Butcher Leukocyte trafficking; dendritic cell development; vascular biology in immunity
Atul Butte Convert the world’s 300 billion points of data into diagnostics and drugs
Manish Butte Mechanobiology, atomic force microscopy, T cell activation
Michele Calos Genome engineering, stem cell therapy, iPS cells, muscular dystrophy, integrases
Jan Carette Genetic screens in human cells to study host-pathogen interactions
Christine Cartwright Molecular mechanisms of oncogene activation in colon cancer
Lynette Cegelski Chemical and Structural Microbiology; Solids NMR; Chemical Biology; Biophysics
Howard Chang Genome regulation by long noncoding RNAs
James Chen Chemical and developmental biology
Lu Chen synaptic function and plasticity, dendritic integration, fragile-X syndrome,
Xiaoke Chen brain circuits mediating motivated behaviors; addiction, pain and depression.
J. Michael Cherry Bioinformatics, curation and database integration of experimental results
Eduardo Chichilnisky Functional circuitry of the primate retina and design of retinal prostheses
Yueh-Hsiu Chien Antigen recognition and function of lymphocytes in health and disease 
Yoon-Jae Cho Functional genomic approaches to understanding childhood brain tumors.
Gilbert Chu Molecular basis for DNA repair by non-homologous end joining
Katrin Chua Chromatin regulation and nuclear signaling in cancer and aging
Karlene Cimprich Maintenance of genome stability and cancer biology
Thomas Clandinin Genetic approaches to circuit structure and function
Michael Clarke Molecular regulation of self renewal in normal stem cells and cancer
Michael Cleary Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis
Jennifer Cochran Protein engineering to develop research tools and clinical therapeutics
Stanley Cohen Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression
Christopher Contag Refining immunotherapy through imaging and combination biotherapies
Markus Covert Combining experiment & computational modeling to accelerate biological discovery
Gerald Crabtree Mechanisms and genetics of chromatin regulation in development and disease
Larry Crowder Ecology, conservation, fisheries, protected species, ecosystem-based management
Bianxiao Cui Biophysics of neurons
Christina Curtis cancer systems biology, modeling tumor dynamics, integrative genomics
Martha Cyert Chemical and systems biology of Ca2+ dependent phosphatase signaling networks
Gretchen Daily Land use, biodiversity dynamics, ecosystem services
Heike Daldrup-Link Translational Molecular Imaging
Corinna Darian-Smith Reorganisation after injury in adult sensorimotor pathways
Rhiju Das Three-dimensional RNA/protein puzzles
Mark Davis T cell recognition and human immunology
Ronald Davis Technology development of DNA seq, RNA, protein & drug analysis in medicine
Adam de la Zerda Molecular imaging technologies for studying cancer biology in vivo
Luis de Lecea Neuronal basis of brain arousal
Giulio De Leo Modeling conservation and management of marine resources, disease dynamics
Karl Deisseroth Novel optical tools to probe neural circuits in health and disease
Mark Denny Biomechanics, ecology, and ecological physiology
Firdaus Dhabhar Effects of Stress on Immune Function: The Good, The Bad, & The Beautiful
Maximilian Diehn Cancer stem cell biology, cancer genomics, biomarkers
David Dill Computational methods for understanding regulatory circuits in cell biology
Jun Ding Cellular and circuit mechanisms underlying movement control and motor behavior
Rodolfo Dirzo Evolutionary ecology of species interactions and conservation science
Scott Dixon Investigating cell death using chemical biology and functional genomics
Ricardo Dolmetsch Autism, calcium signaling and developmental biology
Sebastian Doniach Study of changes in conformation of proteins and RNA using x-ray scattering
Michel Dumontier We investigate drug effects using semantic technologies
Alexander Dunn How cells sense and respond to mechanical force
Paul Ehrlich The role of the social sciences in dealing with global change
Shirit Einav Virus-host interactions by molecular and systems virology approaches
Joshua Elias Mass spectrometry-based proteomics to study dynamic disease systems
Edgar Engleman Immune mechanisms in pathogenesis and treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease
Amit Etkin Imaging and manipulating emotion regulation circuits in humans
C Fathman Arthritis; type I diabetes; clinical immunology; CD4 T cell unresponsiveness
Brian Feldman Hormonal regulation of stem cells and implications for cancer and metabolism
Marcus Feldman Human genetic and cultural evolution, mathematical biology, demography of China
Dean Felsher Mechanisms of tumorigenesis
Liang Feng Structure, dynamics and function of membrane transport proteins and enzymes
Russell Fernald How social behavior changes neurons and their connections in the brain
James Ferrell Cell cycle regulation and systems biology
Chris Field Global ecology, climate change impacts, global carbon cycle, ecosystem ecology
Andrew Fire RNA-based regulation, somatic diversity
Daniel Fisher Evolutionary dynamics and cellular biophysics theory
James Ford Mammalian DNA repair and cancer genomics
Hunter Fraser The evolution of gene expression, integrating experiments and computation
Wolf Frommer Nutrient uptake & secretion, sugar sensing & distribution, pathogen nutrition
Judith Frydman Protein folding, protein quality control, amyloid and misfolding diseases
Tadashi Fukami Community ecology
Margaret Fuller Regulation of self-renewal and differentiation in adult stem cell lineages
Stephen Galli The development of mast cells and basophils, and their roles in health & disease
Sanjiv Gambhir Multimodality molecular imaging of living subjects
Surya Ganguli Theoretical / computational neuroscience
Chris Garcia Receptor signaling and structure
Craig Garner Cellular mechanisms underlying synapse formation in the developing CNS
Joseph Garner Animal Behavior & Welfare; Trichotillomania; Autism; Biostatistics; 3D Printing
Olivier Gevaert Computational biology for multi-scale data fusion in biomedicine
Amato Giaccia We are investigating the role of the HIF pathway in transformed cells
Rona Giffard glia in cerebral ischemia, heat shock proteins, miRNA, mitochondria
William Gilly Ion channels in excitable cells; Motor control/behavior in Cephalopods
Lisa Giocomo Cellular and molecular mechanisms of spatial learning and navigation
Aaron Gitler Mechanisms of human neurodegenerative diseases
Jeffrey Glenn Molecular virology, novel antiviral strategies, and liver tissue engineering
Gary Glover fMRI acquisition/analysis, experimental design methods
Mary Goldstein Clinical decision support for quality improvement & medical-decision-making
Miriam Goodman Sensory transduction, sensorimotor integration in C. elegans
Deborah Gordon Ant colony organization, behavior, ecology, population and behavioral genetics
Jorg Goronzy T cell homeostasis and function with age
Ian Gotlib Cognitive, neural, and genetic aspects of depression in children and adults
Or Gozani Role of chromatin signaling in nuclear programming and disease regulation
Isabella Graef Molecular&cellular basis of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders
Edward Graves Molecular imaging of cancer radiation biology and the tumor microenvironment
Henry Greely Ethical, legal, and social issues in the Biosciences
William Greenleaf Probing the genome and epigenome at the single-cell and single-molecule levels
Kalanit Grill-Spector Neural correlates of visual perception
Nicolas Grillet Molecular Genetics of the Inner Ear
James Gross Emotion regulation in healthy and clinical populations
Arthur Grossman How photosynthetic organisms perceive and respond to their environment
Leonidas Guibas Shape and motion representations and algorithms for biological structures
Aida Habtezion Leukocyte recruitment & immune responses in diseases affecting digestive organs
Elizabeth Hadly Animal response to past, present & future climatic change
May Han Multiple sclerosis Neuromyelitis optica Autoimmune CNS disorders
Philip Hanawalt Transcription effects on genomic instability with non-canonical DNA structures
Pehr Harbury Structural determinants of protein folding, design & small molecule recognition
Trevor Hastie Statistical models with applications in biology, medicine and industry
Huanhuan He
Sarah Heilshorn Biomaterials in regenerative medicine, engineered proteins, and microfluidics
H Craig Heller Neurobiology of sleep and circadian rhythms, memory, and thermoregulation
Stefan Heller Development & regeneration of cochlear and vestibular sensory hair cells
Daniel Herschlag RNA and protein enzymes; RNA folding; cellular behavior of RNA/protein complexes
Leonore Herzenberg Development and function of B cell subpopulations, FACS
Shaul Hestrin Neocortical Circuits, in vivo neuronal activity and behavior
Mark Hlatky Outcomes research, comparative effectiveness, and economic evaluation
Keith Hodgson I am presently spending my time in writing "The Autobiography of David Hogness"
Andrew Hoffman Epigenetics and long-range chromatin interactions in health and disease
David Hogness I am presently spending my time in writing "The Autobiography of David Hogness"
Susan Holmes Nonparametric statistics applied to immunology, ecology, microbiology & genetics
Kerwyn Huang Cell shape detection, determination, and maintenance in bacteria
Ting-Ting Huang Redox balance and tissue regeneration under pathogenic conditions
John Huguenard Oscillations/synchronization of neural networks; epilepsy
Juliana Idoyaga
Robert Jackler Research into the impact of tobacco advertising
Peter Jackson
Nadine Jahchan Mouse Models; Small Cell Lung Cancer; Drug Repositioning; Cancer stem cells
Theodore Jardetzky Structural biology of allergy and infectious disease
Daniel Jarosz Protein conformational switches in evolution, disease, and development
Hanlee Ji Accelerating and enabling personalized cancer medicine to patients
Patricia Jones Molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate immune responses
Martin Jonikas Functional genomics of photosynthesis
A Kaiser Signaling between swarming bacteria that suppresses biosynthetic noise
Wei Kan
Mark Kay Gene therapy and non-coding RNA biology
Paul Khavari Genome regulation in stem cell differentiation and cancer
Chaitan Khosla Antibiotic biosynthesis and engineering; chemical foundations of inflammation
Peter Kim Viral membrane fusion and its inhibition by drugs and antibodies.
Seung Kim Pancreas developmental biology and disease mechanisms
Stuart Kim Mechanisms of aging
David Kingsley Genetics and genomics of evolutionary change in sticklebacks, mice, and humans
Karla Kirkegaard Understanding RNA virus replication to thwart drug resistance and disease
Richard Klein Human biological and behavioral evolution
Teri Klein Pharmacogenomics, PGx clinical implementation, genome annotations-drug response
Susan Knox In situ tumor vaccines and targeted therapies for use with radiation therapy
Eric Knudsen Mechanisms of attention
Brian Knutson Neural basis of emotion, applied to mental health and decision making
Brian Kobilka Structural basis of G protein coupled receptor signal transduction
Daniel Koch
Daphne Koller Machine learning for computational systems biology
Eric Kool Chemistry of nucleic acids; probe design and imaging; synthetic biology
Albert Koong Role of tumor microenvironment and ER stress in cancer
Ron Kopito Protein quality control and molecular mechanisms of disease
Roger Kornberg The molecular basis of transcription, from chromatin to mRNA
Sheri Krams Transplant immunology, microRNAs, NK cell activation receptors
Mark Krasnow Genetic/molecular dissection of lung development, stem cells, cancer & breathing
Thomas Krummel Sim/VR in surg educ/med tech innovation/performance optimization surgeon/athlete
Anshul Kundaje Integrative analysis of functional genomic data with a focus on gene regulation
Calvin Kuo Genetic screens for oncogenes, GI stem cells, angiogenic receptors/miRNAs
Curtis Langlotz Imaging decision support,natural language processing,text information extraction
Quynh-Thu Le Detecting and targeting hypoxia in head and neck/lung cancers
Jin Hyung Lee In vivo visualization and control of neural circuits
Craig Levin In vivo molecular imaging: Novel instrumentation and algorithms
Michael Levitt Computational biology writ large
Ronald Levy The immune system and cancer
Shoshana Levy Role of the tetraspanin CD81 in the immune system and disease pathogenesis
David Lewis T cell responses of neonates
Richard Lewis Mechanisms and functions of store-operated calcium channels
Fei-Fei Li Human vision, high-level visual recognition, computational neuroscience
Jin Li RNA editing: identification, regulation, and function
Yaping Liao Ischemic optic neuropathy, stem cell transplantation, vision electroph
Michael Lin Optogenetics of intracellular signaling pathways
Joseph Lipsick Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics
Jafi Lipson Breast density, breast cancer risk assessment, and early breast cancer detection
Sharon Long Biochemistry, genetics and cell biology of plant-bacterial symbiosis
Michael Longaker Biology of wound healing, scars, keloids, & the stem cell biology of bone growth
Christopher Longhurst Applied clinical informatics, leading use of health IT for quality improvement
Frank Longo Alzheimer's disease, small molecules growth factor ligands
Anson Lowe Molecular mechanisms of human adenocarcinomas
Christopher Lowe Evolution and development, specifically the evolution of the deuterostomes
Henry Lowe Modeling clinical data sets, secondary use of health data, social networking
Bingwei Lu Neural stem cell biology and neurodegeneration
Liqun Luo Genetic analysis of neural circuit organization and assembly in flies and mice
David Lyons Behavioral neuroscience
Sean Mackey Systems neuroscience approaches to human pain research
Vernon Madison Synaptic Plasticity and Pathophysiology of Cannabinoids and Alzheimer's.
Merritt Maduke Molecular mechanisms of ion channels and transporters
Holden Maecker Immune profiling: T cell response signatures to chronic pathogens and cancer
Ravindra Majeti Characterization and targeting of leukemia stem cells in hematologic cancers
Robert Malenka Synaptic plasticity
Parag Mallick Computational and experimental systems biology, biomarker discovery.
Matt Marinkovich Role of extracellular matrix in carcinoma invasion
Olivia Martinez Transplant immunology, EBV B cell lymphomas, immune regulation
AC Matin New cancer therapy; Heritable MRI contrast; Bacterial antibiotic resistance
Harley McAdams Bacterial regulatory networks and cell biology
Jay McClelland Parallel distributed processing models of perception, memory, and cognition
Samuel McClure Reward learning, decision-making, dopamine function
Susan McConnell Determination of neuronal cell fates and connectivity
Elizabeth Mellins Regulation of immunity by MHC class II in health and disease
Vinod Menon Cognitive, developmental & clinical systems neuroscience, brain imaging
Everett Meyer T cell immune monitoring and therapy in transplantation
Tobias Meyer Systems biology of cell signaling and decision processes
Sara Michie Lymphocyte migration in autoimmune diseases
Emmanuel Mignot Autoimmunity of the brain and narcolepsy
David Miklos Hematopoietic cell transplantation and alloimmunity
Beverly Mitchell Role of nucleolar proteins in hematological malignancies
Daria Mochly-Rosen Protein-protein interactions in cell signaling; PKCs/ALDHs; rational drug design
W Moerner Single molecules for super-resolution cellular imaging and biomolecular dynamics
Denise Monack Co-evolution of host immune mechanisms and pathogen virulence strategies
Michelle Monje-Deisseroth Brain development, neural stem cells and pediatric brain tumors
Stephen Montgomery Genetics of gene expression
Tirin Moore Visuomotor integration, visual perception and cognition
Ashby Morrison Chromatin regulation of genome stability
Richard Moss Clinical trials of new CF treatments, nature & treatment of allergic asthma.
Mary Beth Mudgett Biochemistry of pathogen suppression of plant immune signal transduction
Mark Musen Decision support, knowledge capture, and semantic technology in biomedicine
Mirna Mustapha Identify genes involved in regulating hair cell innervation
Maxence Nachury Trafficking into and out of primary cilia
Sandy Napel Decision support and discovery through quantitative image analysis
Robert Negrin Hematopoietic cell transplantation, immune regulation and cellular immunotherapy
William Newsome Neural basis of visual perception and visually guided cognition
Mark Nicolls Lung immunology in pulmonary hypertension and transplantation
Garry Nolan Single cell proteomics and genomics of cancer, stem cells, & autoimmunity
Anthony Norcia Vision, development, functional imaging, systems analysis
Roeland Nusse Wnt signaling and stem cell control
Lucy O'Brien Stem cell and tissue dynamics during organ remodeling.
Richard Olshen Statistics and mathematics as they bear upon medicine and biology
Kelly Ormond Genetic counseling; ethics and disability as they relate to genetic testing
Anthony Oro Mechanisms of epithelial tissue regeneration and carcinogenesis
Art Owen Statistical methods to analyze large data matrices in bioinformatics
Douglas Owens Decision support; methods for evaluating health outcomes and costs
Jonathan Palma Stanford Children's Health data warehouse: Analytics & Clinical informatics
Theo Palmer Neural stem cells and inflammation
Stephen Palumbi Using genomics to understand ecology, evolution & conservation of marine species
Vijay Pande Protein dynamics, folding, and related disease
Peter Parham Evolution of human immune system diversity
Karen Parker The biology of social functioning in animal models and in children with autism
Josef Parvizi Intracranial recordings and stimulations in the human brain
Sergiu Pasca Developing human cellular models for psychiatric disorders
Jonathan Payne Paleobiology and macroevolution
Kabir Peay Ecology, community structure & ecosystem function of plant-microbial symbiosis
Donna Peehl Development of preclinical models of prostate and renal cancer
Mark Pegram Molecular mechanisms of targeted therapy resistance in breast and other cancers
Norbert Pelc Physics, math, & engineering of medical imaging, especially Computed Tomography
Dmitri Petrov Evolution of genomes and population genomics of adaptation and variation
Suzanne Pfeffer How the Golgi works; how cells put receptors and cholesterol in the right place
Giles Plant Spinal Cord Injury, Visual System Regeneration
Sylvia Plevritis Cancer systems biology, outcomes research, tumor plasticity and microenvironment
Jonathan Pollack Cancer genomics, novel cancer genes and biomarkers
Matthew Porteus Genome Editing and Population Dynamics for Gene Therapy and Cancer Research
Ellen Porzig Human developmental biology
Kathleen Poston Functional imaging biomarkers in Parkinson's disease
John Pringle Yeast cell polarization and cytokinesis; coral and dinoflagellate cell biology
Charles Prober Focus on epidemiology, pathophysiology, prevention, and treatment of infections
Beth Pruitt Microsystems and metrologies for mechanobiology
Joseph Puglisi RNA structure and function, mechanism of translation, NMR spectroscopy
Lei Qi Genome engineering, development of CRISPR tools for stem cell reprogramming
Stephen Quake
Marlene Rabinovitch Signaling and gene regulation control angiogenesis and aberrant cell growth
Thomas Rando Molecular mechanisms of stem cell fate determination
Jianghong Rao Probe chemistry and nanotechnology for molecular imaging and diagnostics
Jennifer Raymond Learning & memory; physiology and molecular mechanisms
Mary Red-Horse Cardiovascular developmental biology
Richard Reimer Neurotransmitter synthesis and packaging
Allan Reiss Interdisciplinary research, multimodal imaging, brain disorder
David Relman Human and animal microbiomes: ecology and genomics
Anthony Ricci Auditory hair cell mechanotransduction and synaptic transmission
Hans Riedel-Kruse Biophysics of multi-cellular systems / (zebrafish) development / biotic games
William Robinson Translational research in autoimmunity, with a focus on rheumatoid arthritis
Rajat Rohatgi Temporal and spatial regulation of signal transduction at primary cilia
Terry Root Impacts of climate change on wild plants and animals including extinction
Glenn Rosen Molecular mechanisms of abnormal injury and repair and cell death
Noah Rosenberg Human evolution, mathematical models, population genetics, statistical genetics
Daniel Rubin Imaging informatics methods for data-driven discovery and decision support
Chiara Sabatti Statistical models for high dimensional medical, genetic and biological data
Julien Sage Cellular and molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis and regeneration
Kathleen Sakamoto Normal and aberrant hematopoiesis, including leukemia and bone marrow failure
Julia Salzman Circular RNA regulation and function; computational and experimental approaches
Robert Sapolsky Neuron death, stress, gene therapy
Peter Sarnow Interactions of viruses with host macromolecular machines
Gregory Scherrer Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Pain and its Control by Opioids
David Schneider Balancing tolerance and resistance of infections
Mark Schnitzer Novel imaging technologies to understand neural circuits, learning, and memory
Iris Schrijver Describe your current research interest and activities
Matthew Scott Genetic regulation of development & disease; Hedgehog signaling & cancer
Ross Shachter Decision analysis and graphical models for medical policy and decision making
Robert Shafer Mechanisms and consequences of HIV evolution
Nigam Shah Methods to analyze large unstructured data sets for data-driven medicine
Lucille Shapiro Systems architecture regulating asymmetric cell division
Carla Shatz How experience tunes up brain circuits during critical periods of development
Kang Shen Molecular mechanisms of synapse formation
Krishna Shenoy Computational motor neurophysiology, neural prostheses
Gavin Sherlock Molecular characterization of adaptive evolution
Judith Shizuru Transplantation of blood forming stem cells, immune tolerance induction
Linda Shortliffe
Arend Sidow Genomics of gene regulation and cancer
Branimir Sikic Cancer drug resistance, predictive therapeutic biomarkers, new therapies
Michael Simon Planar cell polarity, cell shape and mobility, and control of cell fate
Robert Simoni Cholesterol in biological membranes; genetic mechanisms & cholesterol production
Upinder Singh Molecular basis of pathogenesis by the parasite Entamoeba histolytica
Jan Skotheim Cell cycle control and systems biology
Stephen Smith Neural circuit molecular architectures
Michael Snyder Gene regulaion, omics and personalized medicine
Raymond Sobel Immunopathogenetic mechanisms in CNS diseases
Edward Solomon Spectroscopic studies of metalloenzymes to define catalytic reaction coordinates
George Somero Stress-induced damage to marine animals and their adaptive responses
Song Song The cellular mechanisms of Planar Cell Polarity
Justin Sonnenburg Mechanistic insight into intestinal microbiota dynamics
Andrew Spakowitz Theory and computation of biological processes and complex materials
Alfred Spormann Metabolism of anaerobic microbes in diseases, bioenergy, and bioremediation
James Spudich We now focus on the molecular basis of hypertrophic and dilated cardiomyopathies
Tim Stearns Cell organization and signaling and deciphering human genetic variation
Gary Steinberg Pathophysiology and treatment of focal and global cerebral ischemia
Lawrence Steinman Genetic basis of autoimmune neural disease
Lars Steinmetz Genomics of complex traits, gene regulation and personalized medicine
Aaron Straight Chromosome structure and function, centromeres and kinetochores, cell division
Samuel Strober Immune tolerance in transplantation and autoimmunity
Thomas Sudhof Mechanisms mediating synapse formation and function
Zijie Sun Cell signaling and steroid hormone action in development and tumorigenesis
John Sunwoo Natural killer cells, cancer stem cells.
Alejandro Sweet-Cordero Functional genomics of cancer progression and therapy resistance
William Talbot Glial biology, myelination, and neuroimmune interactions in zebrafish
Hua Tang Genetic architecture of complex traits & human population genetics modeling
Mary Teruel Systems biology of cell differentiation & cell signaling in metabolism & cancer
Julie Theriot Mechanics and dynamics of cellular organization, shape and movement
Stuart Thompson Neurobiology, signal transduction
Richard Tsien Synaptic function, spiking & computation in memory circuits
Shripad Tuljapurkar Demography: animal and human; Theoretical ecology and evolution
Alexander Urban Investigating the effects of variation in human genomes on the brain.
Paul Utz Protein and peptide arrays, biomarkers, autoantibodies, and autoimmunity
Anne Villeneuve Chromosome dynamics and genetic recombination during meiosis
Peter Vitousek Pacific Islands as models for biogeochemistry and human-environment interaction
Douglas Vollrath Mechanisms of homeostasis, aging, and degeneration of the mammalian outer retina
Anthony Wagner Neural basis of memory and executive function
Virginia Walbot Mechanisms of cell fate specification
Dennis Wall Systems biology for design of clinical solutions that detect and treat disease
Thomas Wandless Chemical biology and protein quality control
Kevin Wang Epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation; chromatin structure; noncoding RNAs
Xinnan Wang Mitochondria in Neuronal Health and Disease
Ward Watt Evolutionary adaptive mechanisms, molecules to ecosystems
William Weis Molecular mechanisms of cellular adhesion, cell polarity, and Wnt signaling
Irving Weissman Clonal events leading from HSC to leukemia stem cells
Paula Welander Microbial physiology, molecular geomicrobiology, lipid biosynthesis
Paul Wender Molecular imaging, therapeutics, drug delivery, drug mode of action
Marius Wernig Reprogramming, induced neuronal (iN) cells, pluripotent stem cells
Cornelia Weyand Telomere biology and genomic stress in autoimmunity and inflammation
Leanne Williams Personalized neuroscience for mental health and disorder
Monte Winslow Mechanisms of cancer progression and metastasis
Albert Wong Receptor signaling, cancer stem cell markers and anti-cancer vaccines
Wing Wong Nonlinear inference in systems biology, personalized genomics and medicine
Joseph Wu Stem cell biology -- ESC, iPSC, adult stem cells
Joy Wu Role of the osteoblast lineage in the bone marrow B lymphocyte niche
Joanna Wysocka Chromatin, epigenetics, stem cells, mechanisms of developmental plasticity
Tony Wyss-Coray Molecular basis of neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's disease
Lei Xing Image informatics, reconstruction, molecular imaging, treatment planning
Yanmin Yang Cytoskeletal function and dysfunction in the nervous system
David Yeomans Pain: differential activation; gene therapy; sodium channels
Jamie Zeitzer Neurobio of sleep and circadian photoreception
Heng Zhao Stroke, postconditioning, peripheral immune system and brain injury
No Name Matches