Collage of Stanford Biosicences students using pipettes for research


The underlying philosophy of the summer program is to train students by creating a demanding yet supportive environment. We have very high expectations of our participants, both to help them for a potential career in the field of biomedical research, as well as to help them get the most from their stay at Stanford.

Students are expected to work a full week in the laboratory, with weekend and late night work being quite common. Students are also required to attend various workshops and activities that are planned for all participants. At the end of the program, all students in SSRP will utilize the skills and information they have honed and accumulated over the nine-week period to present their research at the final SSRP symposium and poster session.

Given the demand for each participant's time and energy, we strongly advise against the involvement in other academic/extracurricular commitments during the summer. Scholars in the program will not be able to leave the research program prior to its completion to take the GRE. If students are interested in taking the GRE exam during their SSRP experience, we suggest that you make arrangements to sit for it at Stanford or in the Bay Area.

SSRP student working at a lab bench

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