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Student Perspective: Deborah Caswell

Deborah Caswell

Cancer Biology
Lab: Dr. Monte Winslow

Why did you choose to come to graduate school at Stanford University? What attracted you to the Biosciences PhD Programs?

I was attracted by the broadness of the education I would get at Stanford. The opportunities at Stanford to learn from and collaborate with scientists from other departments—such as computer science, engineering, and mathematics—are unparalleled. I truly believe I am getting the best education I can at Stanford.

Describe your research.

I study the molecular mechanisms by which lung adenocarcinoma overcomes metastatic barriers, which allow it to form tumors at secondary sites.

Why did you choose to join your lab?

I decided to join the lab I am in because the PI [principal investigator] was very available and mentoring was one of his top priorities. In addition, the members of the lab were supportive and the atmosphere was great. I think it is important to not only choose a lab based on how interesting the science is but also whether you as a student feel comfortable and happy in the work environment. Also, I felt that I would get the best training I possibly could in the lab I decided to join. As a third-year, I am still very happy with my decision.

What do you like about living in the Bay Area?

I love the amazing restaurants, culture, nightlife, and nature in the Bay Area.

Do you have any advice to share with prospective students?

Graduate school is difficult but also very rewarding and interesting. It is important to maintain a well balanced life and to take the time to do things outside of lab.

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