Office of Graduate Education

The Office of Graduate Education (OGE) aims to help train and empower the next generation of leaders and innovators within and beyond academia and industry. We recognize that our graduate students are the central drivers and conductors of some of the most transformative research in the world. Our office offers programs and services to support graduate students and sustain the level of excellence achieved by the Stanford Biosciences.

Prospective Students:  For Stanford Biosciences Ph.D. Admissions inquiries, please email or visit our How to Apply and  FAQ pages for more information.

Office of Graduate Education Team

  • Will Talbot, PhDWill Talbot, PhD
    Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs
    Professor of Developmental Biology
    Hobbies: hiking, running, and reading
  • Julia Kennedy TussingJulia Kennedy Tussing
    Associate Dean for Educational Programs and Services
    Director of Finance and Administration
    School of Medicine
    Hobbies: hiking, reading, yoga, and three-day eventing (horseback riding)
  • Ayodele ThomasAyodele Thomas
    Associate Dean for Graduate and Career Education and Diversity
    (650) 724-3712
    Hobbies: cooking, reading, crafting
  • HelenHelen Brandon
    Graduate Education Administrative Coordinator
    (650) 724-6101
    Hobbies: traveling, shopping, reading, and listening to jazz
  • Latishya SteeleLatishya Steele
    Director of Biosciences Programs
    (650) 721-3081
    Hobbies: dancing, word and number puzzles, cooking
  • John BrayJohn Bray
    Associate Director of Admissions
    Hobbies: extreme couponing, travel
  • Ross ColvinRoss Colvin
    Associate Director of Graduate Education – Operations
    (650) 723-5469
  • Monica DevlinMonica Devlin
    Associate Director for Biosciences Student Life
    (650) 725-0537
    Hobbies: cooking, listening to podcasts, yoga & group fitness classes
  • Bryan Thomas Jr.Bryan Thomas Jr.
    Assistant Director of Graduate Education – Programs and Diversity
    (650) 721-4940
    Hobbies: Traveling, working out, cooking for friends and family
  • Samar FahmySamar Fahmy
    Assistant Director of Graduate Educational Programs and Diversity
    (650) 725-7423
    Hobbies: salsa dancing, hiking
  • Miranda-StrattonMiranda Stratton
    Assistant Director for Biosciences Diversity Programs
    (650) 725-7423
    Hobbies: Yoga, listening to podcasts, indoor rock climbing, cooking especially bread making
  • Cisco Barrón
    Academic Information Analyst
    (650) 724-8793
    Hobbies: connoisseur-ship, mini-golf, hyphen-making (wordplay generally).
  • Strachan_RobertRobert Strachan
    Biosciences Programs Officer
    (650) 725-7385
  • Michileen Oberst
    Administrative Associate, Programs and Courses
    (650) 498-2125