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Our philosophy

Graduate students who do great science find a world of opportunities to make a difference. We believe that individuals do their best—providing the most meaningful, substantial contributions to society—when their activities are aligned with their passions and when they are encouraged, trained, and provided outlets to pursue them. Stanford Biosciences graduates have tremendously impacted universities, industries, and communities.

Just as you set goals for your next experiment, next paper, and next avenue of research, there are short- and long-term goals you can set while at Stanford to help you explore and define your next professional steps. Your mentors—including your advisor and committee members—and BioSci Careers are here to help guide you along whichever path is right for you.

Featured alumni experience

Stanford Biosciences alumni reflect on their career experiences and give advice on getting the most out of your graduate training. David Johnson, CEO of GigaGen, shares his passion for funding the best science.

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