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Stipend and Salary FAQs

How do I find out how I am being paid?

Before each academic year begins, you will receive a letter of financial support from the Student Services Office that will explain if you are getting paid stipend or salary, and when to expect your checks.

What is the difference between being paid stipend versus salary?

Students being paid stipend will receive their stipend check at the beginning of each quarter. Taxes will NOT be removed from your stipend check unless you are an international student, so you will be responsible for paying quarterly estimated taxes to the IRS. Students being paid salary will receive a bi-weekly paycheck on the 7th and 22nd of each month. Taxes WILL be removed from your salary check before you receive money.

Is there a way to get my University bill automatically paid with my stipend or salary?

Yes! If you are being paid a stipend, all of your quarterly fees on the University Bill (with the exception of your cable bill) will be paid before you receive your check. If you are being paid salary, you must set up payroll deductions EVERY ACADEMIC YEAR for this to happen. You can sign up for Payroll Deductions on Axess.

**For more complicated tax questions, submit a HelpSU ticket choosing "Central Office Issues" as the request. **

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