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Updating your profile in the Biosciences Faculty Database and CAP

The data in the Biosciences Faculty Database are gathered from Stanford’s CAP network. This allows faculty members to make updates to their profiles, from research descriptions to photos. Importantly, the CAP profile editor also allows faculty to modify which Home Programs they are associated with in the database.

To update your faculty profile, please do the following:

  1. Screenshot of the profile "edit" button
    Once logged in, click the edit button to make changes to your profile

    Log into CAP at

  2. Go to the “My Profile” tab, then “edit my profile,” found under your name
  3. To be included in the Biosciences Faculty Database, your profile will need to include at least one Home Program in your Graduate and Fellowship Program Affiliations. Look for “Graduate and Fellowship Programs in the Medical School or Biosciences area with which you are affiliated,” then choose “edit programs.”
  4. You will then be taken to a page called Graduate and Fellowship Programs with the instructions to “Check all associated programs.” Check the appropriate boxes in the list of Scholarly Concentration Applications, PhD Programs, Masters Programs, and Fellowship Programs, then save your changes.
  5. Screenshot of the Visibility Settings link in CAP
    Check your profile’s visibility settings when making updates

    Check your profile’s Visibility settings. Your profile needs to be set as “public” instead of “Stanford Only” if you want it to be included in the Biosciences Faculty Database.

The Biosciences Faculty Database updates its data every 12 hours, so changes to your profile may not be immediately visible. If you believe there is still an error or omission after checking the previous steps, please contact us with the following form so we can assist tracking down the problem.

Thank you!


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