Diversity Initiatives

Throughout the year, the Office of Graduate Education (OGE) hosts many opportunities for outreach, recruiting, and mentoring of students from diverse backgrounds. There are a number of ways that faculty members can get involved and these are outlined below. To indicate which programs or initiatives you would like to participate in, please contact the OGE Recruitment Team.

Outreach and Recruitment

An important component of encouraging promising undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to apply to Stanford is to engage with these students through campus visits or by speaking with them at conferences. As such, throughout the year, you have the opportunity to give talks on various campuses (specifically focusing on Minority Serving Institutions or campuses with active Diversity Student Organizations). For example, if you are already planning to visit a city close to one of our targeted campuses, we have funding to support faculty members who wish to extend your visit in order to engage with students by:

  • Meeting informally with students to discuss research, graduate school, or career options
  • Giving a talk about your research
  • Giving a talk on the graduate school admission process (materials provided by OGE)

Target Campuses


Faculty mentorship is an important aspect of any student’s research career. Students from diverse backgrounds are often in greater need of supportive mentoring relationships with faculty members. Mentoring can include advising on courses, providing guidance on a research project, or assisting students during the job search process. Many students find it useful to talk to someone who isn’t judging their work directly. There are several opportunities for you to become involved with mentoring students through the Stanford Biosciences:

University Sponsored Opportunities

For more information or to participate in any of these activities please contact the OGE Recruitment Team.