Mini-Course Proposals

Mini-Courses Proposals Timeline

Mini course proposals for the 2019-20 academic year will be due April 5th 2019 EXTENDED TO APRIL 8th 2019. The call for proposals will open in March; if you would like to consult with the Office of Graduate Education in advance about a possible course, please contact Michileen Oberst at

Mini-course proposals will be reviewed by a curriculum committee and instructors will be notified of award decisions for following year mini-courses in mid-May.

About Mini-Courses

These intensive, one to three week, interdisciplinary courses taught by faculty, postdocs, and students allow participants to enhance their education without requiring a full quarter’s commitment. Mini-courses address topics of high visibility and interest to the Biosciences community and utilize innovative approaches to learning, teaching, and research. In particular, mini-courses provide opportunities to develop a broad range of scientific and professional skills, to engage in rigorous and responsible research, to promote diversity & inclusion, and to enhance career preparation. These themes have been recently articulated by the NIH as ways in which to modernize biomedical graduate training.

Mini-courses are scheduled during the last three weeks of winter and spring quarters. Summer course scheduling is more flexible. Courses can be one, two, or three weeks in duration. If you would like to propose a new or repeat mini-course, please use the guidelines and instructions below and complete the online proposal form (available late March). You will receive an automated confirmation email when your submission is received.

Mini-Course Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Process

Proposals must be submitted using the online form by the April deadline. To begin your submission, please click here.

For more information, visit the Mini-Course FAQ page and the Mini-Course Timeline. Additional questions? Contact Michileen Oberst at