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Stanford Biosciences

Unparalleled Faculty

Photo by Cindy Sandoval Espinoza

At Stanford, scientific giants actively nurture the next generation of innovators.

Stanford attracts the best because we have the best. The world’s brightest minds come here to work with scientific giants like Brian Kobilka and Lucy Shapiro, just as those giants came here to work alongside greats like Paul Berg and Arthur Kornberg. (Learn about all of our faculty in our sortable database.) Greatness follows greatness, drawn here by the astonishing achievements of our faculty and cultivated in our classrooms and laboratories. The mentorship and training you receive at Stanford leads to your ability to ask yourself, What will my next contribution be?

While modest in size, Stanford’s faculty has enormous impact. In the past six decades, there have been nine Stanford Nobel laureates in the biosciences alone. Stanford researchers have also garnered the largest number of NIH Pioneer Awards, New Innovator Awards, and Transformative Research Awards for a single institution—more than twice that of any other. Designed to encourage “out of the box” approaches to science, nearly one out of every seven of these awards has been won by a Stanford faculty member—a testament to the high-stakes, high-reward research that our scientists engage in every day.

But past scientific achievements are not the primary draw. Stanford has a long tradition of passing the flame of knowledge and inspiration down through the generations, and each member of our faculty is dedicated to the success of her or his students. From our faculty’s perspective, the enormous energy they invest in nurturing their students is part of their passion. This mentorship seeds the future with talent that elevates standards around the world while infusing their labs with vital energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. At Stanford, our faculty works to ensure that those with the requisite talent, intellect, and drive will grow into the scientific giants, leaders, and innovators of tomorrow.

Nine Nobel Prize winners over the past six decades: